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Forsythia Bushes

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The Forsythia plant is named after William Forysth, one of the founders of the Royal Horticultural Society in Great Britain. The forsythia is a native of China. Forsythia bushes are among the earliest of spring bloomers. The flowers of forsythia bloom before its leaves appear. The flowing branches full of flowers are very attractive. Forsythia grows quickly and they can be controlled by pruning right after they bloom or be left to grow unattended. Forsythia plants do benefit from pruning. Regular pruning creates a bushier growth habit and more flowering.

Forsythia grows and flowers most prolifically in full sun or light shade. Forsythia is quite adaptable to many soil types and is not difficult to grow. This plant has many uses in the garden. They are used in borders, for summer privacy screening, as a specimen plant, and as background plants placed against a wall or fence. Forsythia is often brought inside for early spring blooms. Cut a few stems that are not flowering and bring them inside. Place the stems in warm water in a warn room and the flowers will open quickly for a very attractive floral display. We offer several varieties of forsythia and they are listed below.

How to Care for Forsythia

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