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False Cypress Shrubs

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The False Cypress family (Chamaecyparis) contains a myriad of plant sizes, foliage colors, and foliage appearances. False Cypress are widely used in rock gardens, as accents, specimens, borders, hedges, and in groupings. Generally speaking, they are easy to grow and do not require great amounts of care.

False cypress plants will attract the senses. The eye is attracted by the graceful and unique foliage many of the plants in this family exhibit. They can seem to blend into a landscape and become a focal point all at the same time. The many colors of this plant species extends from bluish gray, several shades of green, and to gold. Also, some of these plants have delightful fragrances.

Many plants in this Chamaecyparis family will tolerate some shade. Japan seems to be the consensus origin of these evergreen plants. They are considered to be quite hardy and generally disease and pest resistant. For best results grow in neutral to slightly acidic, well drained soils. Prune in late spring to early summer and make sure not to prune into old wood.

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