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Camellia Shrubs

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Camellias are evergreen plants that produce very conspicuous flowers. Warm climates, zones 7 through 10, is where they thrive and why they are seen everywhere in the Southern United States. The Camellia is the state flower of Alabama and that is a leading indicator of the climate that they prefer. Camellias are loved for their long bloom period and beautiful range of colors. 

The Camellia plant family consists of over 200 species and around 3000 hybrids. They originally came to the continental United States from Asia, but were first introduced to England, and then to the US.

Nature Hills is very selective when choosing which of the varieties of Camellias to market. They are selected for flowering power, bloom colors and size, along with disease tolerance. Caring for Camellias is not difficult. They prefer acidic soils and soils that are gorged with humus. For best results, provide afternoon shade and mulch younger plants to provide root shading. Any required pruning should be done after new growth begins in the spring. They are also deer resistant.

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