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 Small Ornamental Shrub

The Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle is a small deciduous bush with ornamental features. One would look great as a specimen planting, but several would look outstanding as a mass planting in the foreground of taller plantings.

There are few things more delightful than a honeysuckle in the yard, and the Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle is a way to have several without the need for a lot of room or a climbing structure.

Your Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle is a vigorous, fast-growing shrub. It’s small, only about four feet tall with a spreading nature. Bees, butterflies and birds all love it, and hummingbirds will soon consider your yard their favorite place in the neighborhood.

The flowers are simply irresistible to many creatures, and you’ll feel the same way once you experience their unique beauty and alluring scent.

The exotic, tubular flowers with protruding stamens scatter their yellow brilliance amid the bronze-tipped, green foliage in late spring/early summer. You’ll also love the sweet scent they send drifting on the afternoon breeze.

Fall color can be inconsistent, but you can likely expect to be impressed by the red-bronze hues your Honeysuckle leaves will adopt for their fall display.

The bark also tends to be somewhat exfoliating, revealing an inner orange hue that is lovely in the winter.

The Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle is an extraordinary ornamental shrub that offers a lot for the small amount of space it requires. Scatter several around your yard to draw pollinators to your yard, or group them together and magnify the impact of this beautiful compact shrub.

* Exotic flowers
* Compact size
* Fall color


Plant Facts

Family Diervilla lonicera
Foliage Bronze Green
Mature Height 4 feet
Mature Spread 3 - 4 feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 3-7
Mature Form Mounding, Spreading
Growth Rate Fast
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Flower Color Yellow
Fall Color Red
Bloom Period Soring - Summer

Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle.

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Customer Reviews

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foliage Review by Bea
My honeysuckle plant fits so nicely in my yard with its off color green foliage and bright yellow flowers. It looks 'neat' all the time. I would recommend this plant for many reasons.
hardy Review by INA
Honeysuckles are one of my favorite plants because they can survive some very tough locations and conditions. I just added the Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle and it is growing quickly and without a lot of my care.
Shrub Review by A1
I really like the bush form of this plant as it is very easy to control vs. a vine type of plant. Flowers are pretty and yellow. I think it is brighter than some potentillas. Nice fall color too.
hummingbirds Review by DeDe
I am trying to attract hummingbirds to my yard and I started with 3 of these dwarf bush honeysuckles. They are now big enough to put on quite a few blooms and I am still waiting for the hummingbirds. Someone told me to plant more hummingbird attracting plants, which I will do. Very pretty plants though.
Refreshing scent Review by GrampMa
This plant arrived beautiful, fragrant, leafy luscious dwarf honeysuckle plant arrived yesterday, and one red flower bloomed overnight on my patio. Opened the doors and the honeysuckle scent aromatizes front room.

8 Item(s)

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  2. 2

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