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Boxwood - Pom Pom

The Boxwood Common America Pom Pom, Buxus Common American Pom Pom, is easily the most versatile and useful Boxwood when it comes to creating outdoor plants. It is a slow-growing shrub that is evergreen and extremely cold hardy, drought tolerant and disease resistant. American Pom Pom has a round, mounded form, like a pom pom and has dark glossy leaves; dense and becomes even more dense when it is trimmed. Boxwoods are easy maintenance which is the key for boxwoods of all varieties. Ameican Pom Pom will grow in most soils, but avoid heavy clay. It is best to amend the soil, if needed, with silt, sand, or an organic material. Prune after new growth becomes woody (early June) and new growth will appear again in the middle of August. Plant in sun to partial sun in well drained soil.

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Plant Facts

Family Buxus s. 'Pom Pom'

Boxwood - Pom Pom.

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