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Blueberry - Chandler

The Largest Blueberries

The Chandler Blueberry, Vaccinium 'Chandler', is a highbush blueberry with perhaps the largest berry size of the cultivars. Plant several as a hedge or use as an accent plant for its seasonal interest.

Your Chandler Blueberry will consistently amaze you with its versatility. More than just a fruit-bearing tree, it’s also an exceptionally high-production bush with extensive ornamental appeal for all seasons.

The show begins in spring when the Chandler leafs out and produces delicate, white, bell-shaped flowers. The waxy-white color will be a standout amid the vibrant greens of your yard’s new spring growth. Butterflies and bees are sure to declare your yard their favorite destination!

When the flowers fade, your Chandler will charm you once again as dark blue blueberries appear and ripen in June and continue to produce a bountiful harvest for up to six weeks!

As the harvest draws to a close, your Chandler will continue to delight as its dark green leaves will transform your autumn landscape with their reddish-purple hues. With the advancement of fall to winter, the Chandler’s reddish stems appear as a dramatic contrast to the winter snow.

The Chandler Blueberry has an upright nature, making it an easy choice for many locations. It is a great choice as an ornamental shrub that provides edible fruit.

*Huge Fruit
*Long Production Time
*Attracts Birds


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Plant Facts

Family Vaccinium ‘Chandler’
Restricted AK, HI, OR
Foliage Green
Mature Height 5-6 feet
Mature Spread 4-6 feet
Zones 4-7
Moisture Moderate
Sun Exposure Full
Flower Color White
Fall Color Red-Purple
Bloom Period Early spring

Blueberry - Chandler.

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