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At Nature Hills Nursery, we have a passion for landscaping and gardening.  Not only do we offer the largest selection online, Nature Hills is also a great place to learn about plants. To help you enjoy lasting beauty, we offer you this blog with useful how-to articles, landscape & gardening tips, answers to common questions, plus much, much more.  Simply click on any of the headlines below.  Also, make sure you come back frequently for the latest useful information.


 -How to Trim/Prune Lilacs

 -Pruning Rose of Sharon

 -How and When To Prune Blueberry Bushes

 -How Pruning Will Effect Your Blueberry Bush

 -Tree Pruning Video

 -Hedge Trimming


Gardening Tips

 -Why are some Tree Trunks Painted White?

 -Painting a Tree's Trunk can Help Prevent Sun Damage

 -Successfully Transplanting Trees & Shrubs

 -Fruit Trees & Sunlight

 -A Flower for Every Season

 -Winter Cheer? Blue Princess Holly!

 -How to Plant Bare Root Trees & Shrubs

 -Bare Root Trees and Shrubs: More Than Meets The Eye

 -The Advantages of Planting Bare Root Trees and Shrubs

 -Growing the Productive, Reliable Gooseberry Plant

 -Creating a Patio Garden is a Fun & Rewarding Project

Featured Plants

 -Niagara is NOT just Falls but Seedless Grapes Too!

 -Calamondin, the Miniature Orange

 -The "Wonderful" Pomegranate Turns a Deep Red when Ripe

 -Can I plant a ‘Sweet ‘Pomegranate in a container?

- Green Gem Boxwood Bush is Winter Hardy

- The ‘Blueray’ Blueberry is a very popular home grown fruit!

Common Questions

 -When is the Best Part of the Day to Water my Plants?

 -Why Do my Hydrangea Flowers change Colors?

 -How and Why should I Pinch Back my Plants?

 -How do I choose shrubs for the landscape?

 -Fruit Trees and Pollination

Growing Wise

 -Growing Pussy Willows

 -Star Magnolia

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