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Bishop Weed Snow on the Mountain

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Variegated Perfect Groundcover

The Bishops Goutweed, 'Aegopodium podagraria Variegatum', also known as Bishop Weed, is one of the most popular groundcovers on the market today. It is easy to grow, adaptable, and can be invasive.

With its variegated foliage, it is one of a kind. ‘Snow on the Mountain’ forms a quick, dense, weed-proof carpet that is easy to grow, even in difficult conditions.

It should be planted in full sun but will tolerate morning shade.  To prevent from seeding, the white flower heads should be removed; this will also help keep it looking tidy.

‘Snow on the Mountain’ has a plant height of 10-15” and a plant spread of 1-2’.  ‘Snow on the Mountain’ is great as a ground cover or used in mass plantings.  It is rabbit and deer resistant, extremely drought tolerant, grows vigorously, and spreads by rhizomes.

The plants can be mowed, on a high setting, a few times a year; regenerate the foliage in mid-summer when it starts weakening.

Make sure you plant ‘Bishops Goutweed’ in an area where it can be contained.

*Vigorous Groundcover With Variegated Foliage 

*Adaptable and Deer and Rabbit Proof

*Tolerates Mowing


Plant Facts

Family Aegopodium podagraria 'Variegatum'
Foliage Variegated
Mature Height 10 - 15 inches
Mature Spread 1 - 2 feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 3-9
Mature Form Upright, Spreading
Growth Rate Fast
Sun Exposure Full Sun - Full Shade
Flower Color White
Fall Color Variegated

Bishop Weed Snow on the Mountain.

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Customer Reviews

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great plant Review by vonny
I have used this in every home since 1988 It is easier to contain than other plants when used near grass just mow it anywhere you don't want it - mowing frequently will kill it out you never need roundup on it. Removing spent foliage be fore the winter will kill it out so be careful or you will loose the plants you want.
Pretty but aggressive Review by Beauty & Beast
In my opinion, this is a very pretty pant but you need to keep in under control. It can take off everywhere if you’re not careful. 3 stars because I ended up using roundup to get rid of it where I didn’t want it.
How to slow down Snow on the Mountain Top Review by CJ
I saw it in a realtor's yard, she did not tell me how aggressive this plant truly is but I did learn.
When it first comes up to slow it down you need to snatch it out the ground and put into a yard bag or garbage can and make sure NONE OF IT HITS THE GROUND. This allows other plants you have in that same garden box the time they need to get established and taller than the Bishops Weed (Snow on the Mountain Top). When it seeds, cut off all the seed pods and if you need snatch back more of the plant from the ground. You do not need to gentle with is plants because of it's aggressive nature.. I have found that over the last 20 years that if I do this at the beginning of every season I have better control of this plant. Do not have on your shoes or anywhere that it can end up moving itself to another area i n your yard. I have also found that ROUND UP DOES work at eliminating this plant.
Love it Review by Ffo
Beautiful if planted where it can run free. Deer resistant and rabbit resistant. I have acreage and a lot of area that it can roam free so planting under trees where it can be free is beautiful
Great ground cove Review by Judy
I had an area below some trees where nothing would grow, it was an eyesore. Snow on the mountain solved that probelm and it is beautiful now.

18 Item(s)

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