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Bird’s Nest Spruce

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Easy to Grow Tiny Spruce with Unique Shape

The Bird’s Nest Spruce is a dwarf evergreen. This plant would work well in a low-maintenance garden, or make a good foundation plant along your house or side building.

It would also do well as a distinctive container plant for your patio or front porch.

Your Bird’s Nest Spruce is a variety of Norway Spruce. However, this adorable evergreen stays small.

As the plant grows, the outside grows taller than the center, creating a unique, decorative appearance in an evergreen (and resembling the nest of a bird).

Dark green needles (much shorter and daintier than those of the typical Spruce), are a delightful contrast to the light green foliage that grows on the spreading branches. These light edges gracefully rise up slightly with nodding tips for an additional decorative feature.

The Bird’s Nest Spruce will grow to 3 feet in height with a 3 foot spread. It has a pyramidal growth habit when young, becoming columnar when mature.

It has no significant insect or disease issues and is extremely hardy. Bird’s Nest Spruce is even wind resistant. It’s an easy-to-grow evergreen that rarely outgrows its space, but is amenable to pruning if need be.

Evergreens are excellent plants for adding structure, color and texture to your yard or garden, and Bird’s Nest Spruce is an outstanding choice for a petite variety that also has a unique, distinctive appearance.

* Unique form
* Dwarf
* Easy to grow


Plant Facts

Family Picea abies 'Nidiformis'
Foliage Light Green
Mature Height 3 feet
Mature Spread 2 - 3 feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 3-7
Mature Form Flat - Topped
Growth Rate Slow
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Fall Color Green

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