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Sunset Glow Bamboo

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Hardy, Dwarf Bamboo

The Sunset Glow Bamboo (Fargesia rufa) is a variety of Bamboo prized for its hardiness and clumping nature.

A Rufa Bamboo would make a lovely accent plant for your yard, or you could plant several along your home for a unique hedge. If you’ve never grown a Bamboo plant before you’re in for a treat.

Sunset Glow is a type of Fargesia Bamboo that is extremely cold hardy and will demonstrate vigorous growth under many conditions. Another of its most valuable qualities is its clumping nature.

This Bamboo will stay where you put it! Its shorter stature also means that you can place it in more varied locations around your yard.

Your Sunset Glow Bamboo is non-invasive, but will send up many new culms each season to create a full, attractive plant. It will grow to 10 feet tall, leafing out early in the summer.

Unlike some varieties of Bamboo the foliage won’t curl in the sun, and the reddish sheaths of the culms are attractive both up close and at a distance. All in all, the Rufa Bamboo is an excellent choice of a Bamboo plant for any yard.

* Clumping nature
* Dwarf
* Hardy


Plant Facts

Family Fargesia rufa
Foliage Green Leaves with Red Sheaths
Mature Height 6'-10'
Zones 6-9
Moisture Moderate
Mature Form upright
Growth Rate medium
Sun Exposure Ful to Partial Sun

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