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Bailey Hardy Peach

The Bailey Hardy Peach, Prunus 'Bailey Hardy Peach', grows into a handsome canopy of dark-green rich foliage. Nothing beats the flavor of a fresh peach ripened in your own backyard! Bailey has a cold hardy rootstock with good overall performance; best in the northern states. It develops an abundant root system and is resistant to root lesion nematodes. Bailey is considered to be one of the best rootstocks currently available and is recommended for peaches in Ontario.

Tree survival on this rootstock has been good after severe winters. Bailey is a very hardy peach that produces small, white-fleshed, freestone fruits. Bailey propagates easily, is compatible with recommended scions, productive and tolerant to cold winter temperatures. You can delay harvest until fruit is a full round with golden background color. Fruit will hang on the tree for extended periods without fruit drop.

Peaches contain antioxidants that are important health considerations in maintaining healthy bodies. Plant about a month after the first killing frost in the fall or about a month before the last killing frost in the spring. Select a planting site that has good air, drainage, full sunlight and deep, well drained soil.

Peach trees prefer sandy loam to loamy soils and will do reasonably well in other soils provided they are well drained.


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Plant Facts

Family Prunus 'Bailey Hardy Peach'
Mature Height 18 to 24 feet
Soil Widely adaptable
Zones 5-8
Sun Exposure Full sun
Characteristics Semi-free stone
Pollinator Required None Required
Harvest Period Mid-August

Bailey Hardy Peach.

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