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Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

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Brilliant Autumn Red in Tree or Shrub

The Autumn Brillance Serviceberry is a popular shrubby tree prized primarily for its fall color and succulent summer berries, referred to as juneberries.  It would look great as a shrub border in your yard or grown as a small tree.

The Autumn Brillance is a cultivar of the Apple Serviceberry. It’s a cross between the Downy and Allegheny.  It’s prized particularly for its obovate 5-inch long leaves that turn to a spectacular reddish-orange in the fall.

Before its' leaves begin to appear, its 5-petalled clusters of white flowers will stand in sharp contrast to the browns and greys of your transitioning landscape.

Soon you’ll see the flowers give way to small green berries that gradually progress to red and eventually into a deep purple in early summer. 

The Serviceberry is a shrubby tree that grows up to 15-25 feet with an equal spread.  It can be left alone to grow as a shrub or pruned to be a multi stemmed or single stemmed small tree.  It grows best in full sun and is tolerant of a wide range of soils

Serviceberries look like large, dark blueberries and taste similar, but with an almond-like accent.  They are commonly eaten raw or used in various jams and pies. Native Americans and early settlers enjoyed eating these berries and were thought by some to have medicinal properties.

The Serviceberry is certainly a hardy shrubby tree with a lot to offer.

* White Flowers in Spring
* Edible Purple Berries
* Brilliant Red Fall Foliage


Plant Facts

Family Amelanchier x grandiflora 'Autumn Brilliance'
Foliage Blue Green
Mature Height 20 - 25 feet
Mature Spread 10 - 15 feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 3-8
Mature Form Upright
Growth Rate Moderate
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Flower Color White
Fall Color Brilliant Red, Orange
Bloom Period Early Spring

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry.

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Customer Reviews

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Fruit quantity Review by Birdman
Want birds? plant the Autumn Brilliance serviceberry. Get lots of fruit and lots of birds.
Many flowers Review by Freddy
The Autumn serviceberry was just full of flowers! I am happy I picked this one for my backyard!
Can't go wrong Review by Ardel
We purchased two Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry seedlings about 8 to 10 years ago, with the primary purpose being an autumnal color focus in a large open front lawn setting that is bordered by several large evergreens (Colorado Blue spruce), at one site, and an equally sizeable back yard at another. Although both plantings could easily have been encouraged to take on a “shrubby” form, we opted for a triple trunk grouping at each location by a modest amount of early sucker control. Both plantings have produced attractively shaped, healthy trees (currently a little less than 20 ft tall) that have fully matched anticipations as to appearance, with an added benefit of heavy fruit production. Excessive suckering has not been a problem at either location. By picking the berries before they turned completely from purple-tinged red to the ultimate dead ripe purplish-black shade we have been able to keep far enough ahead of the birds to harvest a couple of gallons of fruit for our own use (the birds still get the majority, so don’t feel sorry for them). The berries make exceptionally tasty pies, tarts, and related goodies.
Nice Review by Charlie
Arrived in perfect condition. Thanks.
Great Color Review by Betsy
Planted one of these last year and I love it! I have just purchased another. The spring flowers and fall color are amazing. This has become one of my favorites.

7 Item(s)

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