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Red Regent Apple Tree

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The Red Regent Apple, Malus 'Red Regent', is a very popular apple in Minnesota. It produces medium to large red apples with a fresh flesh that is juicy and crisp. This appealing red-striped apple has a flavor that is an outstanding balance of sweet and tart. Its well balanced flavor makes it excellent for fresh eating and cooking. The Red Regent has a good storage life and is becoming one of the most popular apples in Minnesota. The tree is moderately vigorous and easily trained. This apple was introduced by University of Minesota in 1963. Plant about a month after the first killing frost in the fall or about a month before the last killing frost in the spring. Select a planting site that has good air, drainage, full sunlight and deep, well drained soil.

Plant Facts

Family Malus 'Red Regent'
Mature Height 15 to 20 feet
Soil Widely adaptable
Zones 4-7
Sun Exposure Full sun
Characteristics Crisp and juicy
Harvest Period Early October

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