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Pink Lady Apple Tree (Cripps Pink Variety)

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Beauty, Fragrance and Superior Taste

Pink Lady Apple trees, Malus domestica 'Pink Lady', have a distinctive fuchsia blush that dominates the yellow background of this superbly-beautiful apple.  Clothed in this magnificent coloring, Pink Lady invariably creates a head-turning affect when it’s ripe for harvest. 

These medium/large apples are firm and aromatic, with what some say is a fragrance of pear or cider.  When you approach the tree you’ll be astonished by their beauty, but that’s nothing compared to what you’ll experience when you actually reach out and pick one. 

Biting into the yellow-tinted, white flesh will create a flavor explosion.  Crisp and juicy, Pink Lady’s flavor is that of an apple, but with a distinctive taste of melon and just a hint of citrus.  A subtle dash of tartness gives it just enough zing to tantalize your taste buds and make you yearn for the next bite. 

One of the best features of your Pink Lady Apple tree is that although delicious right off the tree, it actually improves in flavor after about four weeks in storage (and its storage life is very long). 

Pink Lady Apple trees will grow up to 30 feet in height with a 15-foot spread.  Its adorable pink-accented, white flowers in spring are fragrant, long-lasting, and certain to draw pollinators to your yard.  The fruit ripens in October/November, extending your joy of harvest time when other fruits have completed their season.   

With so many varieties of apple on the market today, it can be difficult to know which ones to grow.  Pink Lady Apple trees offers not only superior flavor, but great storage so you can enjoy your delectable fruit for longer.  Add in the fragrance and beauty of this variety, and you can see why Pink Lady is a good choice in an apple tree for your home.

* Fragrant spring flowers
* Doesn't brown when slicing
* Stores well
* Long growing season
* Adaptable to a variety of soils
* Heat tolerant



Plant Facts

Family Malus domestica 'Pink Lady
Mature Height Dwarf: 8-10'
Semi-Dwarf: 12-20'
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 6-9
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Characteristics Sweet, Tart
Harvest Period Late October

Pink Lady Apple Tree (Cripps Pink Variety).

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent apples but I have a question Review by jessicavance83
<P>I absolutley love these apples, they are my favorites. They are nice and crisp and have a good crunch to them. They are also tart and sweet at the same time but not too sugary, and the skin is not too thick. Over all I would pick this apple over any other, but my question is Will this apple pollinate with a Golden delicious?</P><P><STRONG>NHN Response:  </STRONG>The Pink Lady apple is self-fruitful so no pollinator is required. The Golden Delicious apple is also self-fruitful. </P>
Question Review by slulgjuraj
Will the Pink lady pollinate a McIntosh?From Nature Hills: The Pink Lady will pollinate a Red McIntosh apple.
Sensational Pink Lady Review by PhillipsGuide
I tasted this apple at the Chatham Marketplace in Pittsboro and havent been able to get it off my mind. It is the perfect apple! Sweet but tart, crisp, absolutely LOVELY color, and fragrant! My mouth waters remembering it. I will be planting one of these tree this year and hope to be harvesting my own in 3-5!
These apples are incredibly tasty! Review by Jennifer
These will not rot in your refrigerator, because you wont be able to keep your mind or your hands off them. Although never been big fans of apples, we bought a bag of organic Pink Lady apples from the grocery. We not only finished the entire bag, we ate them in a couple of days. You wouldve thought they were candy the way our 3-year-old devoured them! They are consistently crisp, sweet, and delicious. Save yourself the agony of the grocery not having them when you need a "Pink Lady" fix and get a tree!!!!

4 Item(s)

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