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Northern Spy Apple Tree

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Northern Spy Apple is native to the north east coast of the US and parts of Michigan, Ontario and New York. IT

Northern Spy Apple (Red Spy, Nortern Red Spy) is large, irregular, round, and often flattened.  The skin is greenish yellow with pinkish red stripes, a delicate bloom, and occasional russet patches.

This apple is rather firm, aromatic and has a subacid flavor and is higher in Vitamin C than other apples. The flesh is very tender, finely grained, crunchy,  juicy, and tart.  It remains fresh after a long storage period.  The Northern Spy is an excellent all purpose apple, but is not good for drying or making apple cider.

The tree is very large, upright, standard sized tree, a vigorous grower, sand productive.  It blooms late in the season and apples ripen in October or later. It may take a decade or longer to bear fruit.

Ripens in late October and tends to bear biennially.

Requires a pollinator such as Golden Delicious.

*Cold Hardy

*Good Pie Apple

*Long Storage


Plant Facts

Family Malus 'northern spy'
Mature Height Semi-Dwarf: 12 - 20 Feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 4-7
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Characteristics Firm, tart
Bloom Period Late
Harvest Period September

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