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Apple Tree - Honeycrisp

High Quality Apples on Attractive Tree

The Honeycrisp apples are highly rated for flavor and storage consistency. The round yellow fruit with a red blush ripen in September and don’t immediately drop when ripe, so you can take your time in picking them.

The Honeycrisp will grow to 20 feet and spread an equal distance and it would do well as a stand-alone accent in the yard or planted with some small shrubs for definition.  Its low canopy makes it ideal for planting under power lines or other such troublesome locations.
It needs full sun for optimal growth and you can increase your fall yield if you plant another variety close by to aid in pollination.
In mid-spring your Honeycrisp’s pink buds will open into clusters of fragrant white blossoms.  The compact nature of the pointed green foliage makes this an attractive tree throughout the summer. 

In the fall, the leaves transform into a lovely shade of yellow as a harbinger of winter.
The Honeycrisp is known for being especially crisp and juicy.  It’s great for eating right off the tree or for baking. It can be in cold storage for 6 months without losing its' color.

Suggested pollinators are Gala, Granny Smith, Empire, McIntosh and Red Delicious. It is not pollinated by Gravenstein.

We take pride in delivering the highest quality plants with healthy roots and full, well-established stems and foliage.  Our Honeycrisp apple trees are always in high demand.  Order now before they sell out!

* Round Yellow Fruit with a Red Blush
* Prolonged Ripening
* Compact Tree
* Best Selling Apple Tree 

Customer Reviews

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Fast growth Review by Mel
Received my Honeycrisp apple tree last spring. It took off and grew fast. Maybe 1 more year to get some fruit? Sure hope so.
Ornamental tree Review by Helen
Love the taste of the fruit but I really like shape and the blooming power of the Honeycrisp tree. It is outstanding.
Perfect name Review by Ender
What a perfect name for an apple. Honeycrisp is both crisp and sweet. It is the only apple I buy at the grocery store.
I love Honeycrisp Review by Nana
Honeycrisp apples are my all time favorite apples, I am looking forward to purchasing this tree and growing my own apples.
Flowering tree Review by Margie
My Honeycrisp seems to be putting on a lot of buds this spring, seems more than normal, hope that means a big fruit crop.

Items 1 to 5 of 16 total

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Plant Facts

Family Malus 'Honeycrisp'
Mature Height Semi-Dwarf: 15-20'
Soil Well Drained
Zones 3-8
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Characteristics Sweet, Crisp
Bloom Period Mid April
Pollinator Required Yes
Harvest Period September

Apple Tree - Honeycrisp.

Rating: 4.8/5 based on 16 review(s)
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