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Haralson Apple Tree

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The Haralson Apple, Malus 'Haralson', is a hardy substitute for Golden Delicious developed especially for cold northern areas. It has the Golden Delicious flavor, but the Haralson hardiness.

It has medium to large golden to greenish round-conic shape fruit with a very smooth finish and reddish bronze blush.

When mature, it has a red color and large, moderately conspicuous dots. Haralson apples are crisp and juicy, having a tart flavor. The skin is medium-tough, and the stem is medium.

They are good for eating, cooking, and are an excellent choice for pies.

Its flavor is sweeter and more bland than Golden Delicious. High quality and superior storage qualities since it can be stored into March.

It often bears fruit the first year after planting.

Plant about a month after the first killing frost in the fall or about a month before the last killing frost in the spring.

Select a planting site that has good air, drainage, full sunlight and deep, well drained soil.

*Medium Large Red Apple

*Cold Hardy

*Stores for Many Months


Plant Facts

Family Malus 'Haralson'
Mature Height Semi-Dwarf: 15-20'
Soil Widely adaptable
Zones 2-7
Sun Exposure Full sun
Characteristics Crisp, Slightly Tart
Harvest Period September

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