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Sweet Potato Vines

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Sweet potato vines are some of the most popular container plants. They are easy to maintain and are vigorous growers so you can count on them all summer long. The vines colorful foliage comes in various beautiful shades such as chartreuse and purple. Adding a sweet potato vine as an accent makes a great addition to container plants and surely will make an impact. Try to combine two plants, purple with a chartreuse, in the same container for a striking contrast as well.

Sweet potato vines do best in sun or shade and like moist soil that is well drained. These ornamental sweet potatoes have been bred to produce good leaves and no tubers. If a tuber is formed (a storage root), it is not a good eating potato since it is just starch and no sugar. These potatoes are totally different than the ones bought at the store.

There are several vines to choose from and 'Blackie' is a favorite. It offers purple hand-shape foliage and is a vigorous grower. If you like a bright lime green color and a trailing habit, Illusion Emerald Lace is a lovely selection. It grows 10 inches tall, and it will make a 4 foot spread. The chartreuse color of Margarita makes is a vibrant colored plant and has a mounding growth habit.

Sweet potato vines can be cut back and “styled” at any time. They are best used in hanging baskets, in borders, or window boxes. They can also be used as a ground cover in the landscape.

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