Blue or Purple Flowering Annuals

Blue or Purple Flowering Annuals

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Are you looking for “flower power” in your garden? Planting blue or purple annuals will perhaps be a good decision if you want to create striking color. Blue is a flower color that is not seen very often, but what stunning blue annuals we offer to add to borders, containers, or a window box. Combined with some yellow blooming annual plants, you will have a blue and yellow combo that will be absolutely amazing. Some blue annuals to select are salvia, pansies, and the azure-blue flowers of the lobelia.

Purple annuals have several shades of rich lavenders and purples. A purple foliage annual plant with colorful leaves, such as a coleus, adds texture as well. It will provide continuity since blooms come and go throughout the summer. Other purple annual flowers are the morning glory, violas, and the lavender torenia that thrives in part shade. For a splendid flower bed full of color, blend various shades of purple annuals together.

With the proper care, these showy, easy-to-grow blue and purple annuals add color to your garden design all season long.