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A Tree for All Seasons!

Amur Chokecherry is a large shrub or medium tree with ornamental qualities.  Its smaller size makes it ideal for your patio or side yard.  You could also use it as a specimen tree in a visible location where its 4-season interest can be enjoyed.

The Amur Chokecherry has a lot to offer year-round.  Beginning in spring, dense 3-inch racemes of pristine, white blossoms herald the new season with their fragrance and delicate beauty. 

The flowers soon transition to small drupes that ripen from red to black in July, and can be used in tasty jams and jellies.  3-inch, oblong leaves of delightful, light green hues fill out the tree in summer, turning to shades of yellow for fall.  However, of all the benefits of this remarkable tree, the bark is perhaps the most beloved. 

Similar to a Birch tree, the Amur Chokecherry’s bark peels to reveal various shades of bronze and orange—a stunning display throughout the year, but especially during the winter months when it infuses color into the barren landscape.

Amur Chokecherry will grow to about 25 feet in height with a variable width (depending upon if grown as a shrub or tree).  It’s a hardy tree that tolerates some cold, drought and salt conditions.  It’s also pest resistance, so you’re less likely to have to spray it.  Small mammals and birds love to partake of its fruit, so Chokecherry is even beneficial for your yard’s wildlife.

Truly a tree for all seasons, Amur Chokecherry will bring you interest and enjoyment for years to come.

* Spring flowers
* Fragrant
* Decorative bark
* Edible fruit
* Moderate salt tolerance
* Fall interest
* Winter interest
* Cold tolerant
* Pest resistance
* Some drought tolerance
* Adaptive to a variety of soils
* Wildlife interest


Plant Facts

Family Prunus maackii
Foliage Green
Mature Height 20 - 30 feet
Mature Spread 25 - 30 feet
Soil Widely adaptable
Zones 2-6
Mature Form Rounded
Growth Rate Medium
Sun Exposure Full sun
Flower Color White

Amur Chokecherry.

Rating: 4.3/5 based on 4 review(s)
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Customer Reviews

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All around good plant Review by Gene
Amur chokeberry looks good all year around and it produces edible fruit. Birds like it also!
Beautiful tree Review by Jean
I love the color & texture of the bark.
wildlife Review by Sneaky guy
The amur chokeberry is big enough to attract lots of birds in the fall and winter. It fits right in with my serviceberry trees for bird feed.
Maacki Review by Scott
I was told when I bought this tree that it was a maackie plumb...? I've had it at the very edge of my garage for about ten years. I was also told it would top out at about 20' and it had strong lateral branching. I wanted it to stay low, not too much taller than the garage and to canopy under a near by bur oak. While I love the tree... the golden paper bark is amazingly beautiful, I have had to 'top' the tree every year for the past six or so years to encourage lateral branching... this tree really does want to grow verticle. It's mostly working, cause I'm forcing my desired effect. I would buy the tree again, but would have different expectations if I'd plant this tree again. The most interesting thing to me is that I have never seen this tree again in a nursey in the north front range of Colorado where I live... so no one else I know has this unusual tree.

4 Item(s)

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