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Alpine Currant - Green Mound

Extremely Hardy and Adaptable Shrub

Green Mound Alpine Currant is a deciduous shrub with a particularly hardy nature.  Plant several for an excellent small hedge that is both carefree and easy to care for. 

If you’re seeking a reliable, hardy shrub then look no further!  Your Green Mound leafs out in early spring so you won’t have to wait long for its vibrant presence in your yard.  The 5-inch leaves are rounded and lobed with a vibrant, bright green hue that assumes spicy tones of yellow for autumn. 

The autumn leaves drop to reveal brown stems with an exfoliating tendency (which provides added decorative appeal as the shrub ages).  Some currant bushes bear masses of messy fruit, but your Green Mound is a male cultivar so you won’t have to deal with the clean-up from the tiny, red berries.  It’s an easy-to-care-for, neat and orderly shrub for your landscape. 

Green Mound Alpine Currant will grow up to 4 feet tall with a 3-foot spread.  It is a multi-stemmed dwarf shrub with a mound-forming habit and dense nature.  Green Mound is adaptable to a variety of soils and conditions and adjusts very well to pruning.  It’s even long-lived.  In fact, under optimal conditions Green Mound will live up to 30 years. 

There are so many choices in shrubs for the landscape, so it’s important pick one that can meet your needs every year.  Green Mound Alpine Currant will out-perform many other shrubs.  It’s a perfect addition to your yard for some vibrant green color and exceptional texture.  You won’t miss when choosing Green Mound Alpine Currant for your yard this year!

* Bright green foliage
* Dwarf
* Cold hardy
* Shade tolerant
*Adaptive to a variety of conditions or soils


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Plant Facts

Family Ribes alpinum 'Green Mound'
Foliage Bright Green
Mature Height 3 - 4 feet
Mature Spread 2 - 3 feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 2-7
Moisture Well Drained
Mature Form Round
Growth Rate Moderate
Sun Exposure Partial Sun
Flower Color Greenish, Yellow
Fall Color Green

Alpine Currant - Green Mound.

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