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Yoshino Cherry Tree


The Yoshino cherry tree is a deciduous, flowering tree. The almond scented blooms of a Yoshino cherry tree are clusters of white or pink.

The bloom time usually lasts for about two weeks, and then the leaves will appear. The Yoshino cherry tree has been bred for its ornamental quality, as opposed to its fruit.

The glossy, dark green leaves of the Yoshino cherry tree turn yellow in the fall. This tree, like all other flowering cherry trees, prefers full sun and well-drained soil in order to grow and flower properly.

The Yoshino cherry tree works great as a specimen planting, or as a border or mass planting in an open area.

Hardy in zones five through eight, the Yoshino cherry tree will grow to a height of fifteen to twenty-five feet, and have an equal mature spread.

The moderate to fast growth of a Yoshino cherry tree makes it a popular tree in public spaces and on US capitol grounds.

A group of Yoshino cherry trees make a spectacular show with a background of evergreens.

A native of Japan and China, the Yoshino cherry tree will perform well in the United States.

The fragrant blooms will usually appear in mid-March. A Yoshino cherry tree will flower each year, but the quantity of blooms may vary from year to year.

This is directly related to the amount of winter cold that the plant receives.

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