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Yellow Clematis


   Yellow clematis are one of the most desired colors of this plant. There are several species of clematis that        produce yellow blooms.

   It is important to note that clematis blooms may vary in color from season to season. Yellow clematis will          sometimes look white or cream colored.

   One type of yellow clematis is the Tibetana. This yellow clematis will produce bright yellow blooms from July      all the way to late autumn.

   These yellow clematis are most successful when planted in sunny or partly      shady regions of the garden.

   The Tibetana clematis is much more drought tolerant than other types of        clematis, and will grow to a height of between fifteen and twenty feet.

   Another yellow clematis that is popular is the Tangutica. A true yellow            clematis, this plant also produces bright yellow blooms from mid summer          through late fall.

   This yellow clematis has dark green foliage, which adds a nice contrast to      the bright yellow flowers.

   These yellow clematis can grow to height of from twelve to fifteen feet,        and like the Tibetana, are more drought resistant.

   The most vivid of all the yellow clematis is the Bill Mackenzie clematis.            Growing to heights of up to twenty feet, this yellow clematis is most              hardy in zones four through nine.

   The bright green leaves remain on this plant until well into November. Good      for growing on buildings and on fences, this yellow clematis is filled with          tons of small blooms throughout summer and into autumn.

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