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White Honeysuckle


   While honeysuckle blooms come in many different striking colors, one of the most pure is the white honeysuckle. There are many different types of white honeysuckle, and they will grow in many different regions of the world. White honeysuckle will add a lovely level of purity to any garden, with their white to cream or yellow blooms that stand out nicely against the green foliage.

   One of the most striking of the white honeysuckle is the winter honeysuckle. This white honeysuckle has bright white flowers that attain a yellow tint as the summer months progress. Hardy in zones four through nine, this white honeysuckle prefers full sunlight, but will also grow in partial shade. Preferring moist soil, this white honeysuckle is not quite as drought tolerant of other types of honeysuckle plants. The foliage will often have a bluish tint on this white honeysuckle that can easily grow to six to ten feet in height.

   Another popular white honeysuckle is the Japanese Halliana honeysuckle. This white honeysuckle also has blooms that will fade to yellow during the summer. This white honeysuckle is a vine that climbs by twining, and can easily reach a height of thirty feet. When used as a ground cover, this white honeysuckle will grow to two feet in height. Hardy in zones four through ten, this white honeysuckle vine is a evergreen, providing foliage and cover for the winter season.

   Another popular white honeysuckle is the red rum honeysuckle. This deciduous white honeysuckle shrub will grow to a height of from eight to twelve feet, and have a mature spread of twelve to fifteen feet. Unlike the name suggests, the flowers are white and will also fade to yellow as the season progresses. The bright red berries, where this white honeysuckle receives its name, persist into the winter months. The upright vase shape of this white honeysuckle makes it a great candidate for a privacy screen when planted in a row.

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