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White Butterfly Bushes

Butterfly bushes come in many different colors. The foliage is always a deep green, but the blooms can range in color from white to red or purple and everything in between. One of the most commonly requested colors, however, is the white butterfly bush.

There are many different species of white butterfly bush. The most commonly found in gardens around the world is the White bouquet. This white butterfly bush is hardy in zones five through nine, and grows fast.

Like all butterfly bushes, this white butterfly bush is very attractive to bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

The fragrant white flower bouquets are eight to twelve inches long. This white butterfly bush is somewhat more compact growing than are many other kinds of butterfly bushes.

Another common white butterfly bush is the white profusion.

This award winning white butterfly bush has beautiful white flowers that have yellow centers.

The blooms on this lovely white butterfly bush appear in midsummer, and last for several weeks.

Growing six to eight feet tall, this white butterfly bush has a dense, upright growth habit.

Many gardens have flowers of bright, vivid colors that stand out. Oftentimes, a gardener will forget to add the pure touch of a white bloom to this array.

White Profusion Butterfly Bush
White Profusion Butterfly Bush

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