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What is an Apple Tree

An apple tree is a deciduous, flowering tree that bears fruit. The fruit of an apple tree generally grows on wood growth that is from previous seasons.

Hardy in zones six through eight, an apple tree will usually begin to bear fruit in the forth or fifth year. An apple tree generally needs a mate in order to pollinate and bear fruit.

An apple tree generally prefers deep loam, but can be grown on soils that are sandy or heavy clay.

In these cases, it is important to keep the wet soils well drained and the dry soils well irrigated. An apple tree can grow to forty feet tall or higher, unless they are dwarfed.

A dwarfed apple tree will seldom grow to over 15 or 25. Manygardeners prefer dwarfed apple trees, as they are easier to prune and harvest.

Most varieties of apple tree require a good wind block, as the fruit will get blown off before maturity.

An apple tree may also need to be tied to a stake, in order to give support to the tree for the first year, while the roots take hold.

Many varieties of apple tree will require 130 to 150 frost free days per year in order to grow properly and bear fruit.

The fruit of an apple tree will reach maturity at differing times, depending on variety and climate. There is no specific date at which to expect to harvest ripe apples.

Observation alone is generally the key to discerning a ripe apple tree. The apples should come of easily with no tearing, and the flesh should be yellow or white. The skin will change from its original color to one that is generally darker. Once the apples look mature, the only way to find out is to take a bite. Mature fruit from an apple tree will be crisp, juicy, and delicious.

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