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What is a Rose Bush?


   A rose bush is a perennial shrub that bears flowers. The stems and branches of a rose bush will usually have thorns. These thorns will help to protect the garden from rabbits and other small animals that would otherwise eat the foliage. The foliage of a rose bush can vary from light green to a darker green, and varies by species.

   A rose bush is most well known for its large, bright blooms. The flowers of a rose bush are very beautiful and one of the most commonly purchased cut flowers in the world. The flowers come in nearly every color imaginable, except black. New hybrids are being created every year to come up with more colors. The blooms are also extremely fragrant.

   Many rose bushes are hardy, and can grow best in zones four through eight. A rose bush will prefer full sunlight to grow, and well-drained moist soil is best. A rose bush is typically very disease resistant, and requires little care other than the occasional pruning. Ranging in size from only a few inches high to six feet or more, a rose bush will work excellently in any garden or landscape.

   A rose bush requires care during most of the year, but this is typically limited to watering and does not need much more attention than most other flowering bushes. A rose bush works great as a specimen planting, or they can be planted in rows to border a perennial garden or be used as a shrub.

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