Vine Plants


   Vine plants have many uses in a garden. They could provide cover. If there is an aesthetic that is not wanted, such as a rusty shed or cracked wall, vine plants could be used to grow around and cover up the eyesore with green leaves and beautiful flowers. Vine plants growing around a chain-link fence would also provide a nice cover from wind.

   Another use of vine plants is for shade. A simple skeleton of a roof could be installed in a patio or garden, and vine plants could be used to grow around the structure and make a beautiful natural cover from sunlight.

   Vine plants will also create a third dimension to a garden that is often overlooked: height. Most gardens are generally only two dimensional, with consideration only given to length and depth. The addition of trellises and vine plants will give the garden a nice look, while adding height.

   Vine plants can also be used simply for looks as well. A vine plant will usually cover anything in its path with leaves, and often flowers and berries as well. A vine could be used to grow up the side of a house to give a more natural look to an otherwise plain, boring façade. Vine plants could also be used to grow up the post of a mailbox, changing its look from man-made to natural.

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