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Vinca Vine


   The vinca vine is a trailing vine that grows green and white leaves. A vinca vine is very fast growing. Vinca vines bloom with delicate violet trumpet like flowers. This vine will not climb surfaces, but can be strung over wires or other such mediums, and makes a wonderful ground cover.

   Vinca vines are most hardy in zones 5 to 11, and should be treated like an annual vine in colder climates. The vinca vine can grow in full sunlight to shade and should be watered regularly, with good drainage, to keep the soil moist. Too much water can easily kill a vinca vine.

   The vinca vine, often called a periwinkle flower, is used often as a grass substitute in lawn areas. The plant will only grow to three to six inches off the ground, but the trailing stems of the vinca vine can spread up to eighteen inches. 

   One thing to note about the vinca vine, however, is that it is extremely invasive. This means that the vine will easily spread throughout the garden quickly and can overwhelm other plants. Great care needs to be taken to ensure that the vinca vine does not take over the entire garden.

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