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Types of Ferns


   There are many types of ferns in the world. Species of fern grow in almost any climate, save sub-Antarctic.

   There are fern species that will grow in deserts, tolerating extreme heat and drought. Other types of fern will    grow only in the deepest areas of the rainforest.

   Several types of fern can be added to the same garden, for a dramatic look.

   Most of the fern species prefer shaded areas with moist soil, and these can    be combined underneath a shade-giving tree for a spectacular look.

   Most species of fern are purely green, while other types of fern, such as        cinnamon and Japanese painted, offer vivid colors to a shady garden.

   Fern identification is often hard to do, as many species of fern look very        similar.

   The easiest type of fern identification is close inspection of the orientation      of the fronds and the leaves growing off the sides.

   Many types of ferns, while looking similar at first glance, will become very        different indeed when inspected thoroughly.

   For information about the several types of ferns available for home                gardens, the Internet is a wonderful tool. Many websites hosted by                nurseries offer information on the types of ferns, and may even have              ferns for sale.

   Another source of information on the various types of ferns would be any        local library. Many books have been compiling the species of fern that are      available in various regions of the world.


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