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Trumpet Honeysuckle


   The trumpet honeysuckle vine, Lonicera sempervirens, is one of the most beautiful honeysuckle vines in the world. This evergreen to deciduous honeysuckle has a medium texture and rapid growth. The trumpet honeysuckle has multitudes of coral to crimson and yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers that are very fragrant. The fruit of the trumpet honeysuckle is red to black berries.

   The brightly colored blooms of trumpet honeysuckle vines flower from mid spring through the end of summer and on into fall. These fragrant blooms are very attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. The berries are attractive to birds, which eat them. The trumpet honeysuckle has deep green foliage that contrasts with the bright blooms, as well as the light green new growth.

   Trumpet honeysuckle vines prefer moist soil, but are also drought tolerant. Their non-invasive nature makes them very popular for home gardeners. Trumpet honeysuckle climbs by twining, and will easily reach a height of fifteen to twenty-five feet. Hardy to zones three through nine, the trumpet honeysuckle will be evergreen in the warmer climates of this range.

   Trumpet honeysuckle vines, like all honeysuckle plants, prefer full sun to grow. Light nitrogen fertilizer may be used, however this will promote more foliage and less flowers. The flowers of a trumpet honeysuckle will grow on new growth only, so pruning should only be done after the blooming season has ended.

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