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Trimming Apple Trees


   Trimming apple trees properly each year will help to maintain a steady flow of large, healthy fruit. The actual      process of trimming apple trees varies depending on the time of year and the desired result.

   Trimming apple trees can either help to encourage or limit growth for the following season. Trimming apple          trees in the winter will encourage heavier growth, while summer pruning will stunt the growth.

   Trimming apple trees should begin from the first season after planting, and continue yearly until the tree has      died. Trimming newly planted apple trees should be done just before the buds start to grow in the spring.

   The tree should be headed about thirty-six inches above the soil surface.        This will encourage new lateral branching.

   When new growth is three to four inches long, it should be cut out, leaving    only a few branches every two feet or so on the tree.

   Trimming apple trees that have matured should take place in the winter.        This will encourage new growth until the desired size has been reached.

   The tree should be trimmed to have a scaffold shape, with a layer of              branches growing perpendicular to the trunk every two feet or so. This          type of shape will allow for sunlight to reach the lower leaves and fruit.

   Once the desired size of tree has been reached, trimming apple trees can        be done in the summer. This will help to stunt new growth, as all the              energy of the tree goes into creating fruit.

   The fruit grown by an apple tree is often too heavy for the tree to support      it alone. Many of the apples will fall to the ground naturally, but manual          thinning should be done as well.

   When trimming apple tree fruit, the fruit should be thinned down to about        one apple every four to six inches. This will provide for larger, healthier          fruit.

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