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About Techny Arborvitae

The techny arborvitae is a fast growing arborvitae tree. They generally have denser foliage than many of the other species of arborvitae, and make the best hedges.

One of the hardiest of the arborvitae, the techny arborvitae will grow best in zones three through eight. This is the arborvitae of choice for areas with tougher conditions.

Techny arborvitae trees can be pruned into hedges for an excellent screen or windbreak, and can protect more tender plants from chilling winter winds.

They will grow to a mature height of fifteen to twenty feet and a mature spread of four to six feet.

When planted exactly three and a half feet apart in a row, the techny arborvitae will grow to be a full shield in only a few years.

The mature form of the techny arborvitae is pyramidal. They prefer full sun to partial shade, and can grow in a variety of soil conditions.

The techny arborvitae is the most drought resistant of the arborvitae plants, and can withstand much colder temperatures.

The techny arborvitae is similar in size and appearance to the American arborvitae, but has much darker foliage.

The techny arborvitae is native to the northeastern United States and Canada. Once planted, a techny arborvitae requires little maintenance.

Pruning, if desired, should be done early in the growing season before new growth emerges.

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