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About Tall Hedges


AHedges come in many shapes and sizes. Some will grow only a foot or so off the ground, while others can reach heights of twenty feet or more. Hedges also have a variety of uses. One of these uses is for a privacy screen.

In order to have an effective privacy screen, it is important to have a tall hedge. There are many different types of tall hedges, and each has its own characteristics.

One type of tall hedge is the red rum honeysuckle. This tall hedge will grow to a mature height of twelve to fifteen feet and have an equal mature spread.

The white flowers produced by this tall hedge will mature to yellow, and turn into a profusion of quarter inch bright red fruit.

This fruit will persist into winter, and be a good source of food for wildlife. This shade tolerant tall hedge is hardy in zones three through eight.

One of the more hardy tall hedges is the French pussy willow. This tall hedge will grow to a height of thirteen to twenty five feet.

It is a fast growing hedge, and has lovely white blooms from spring into the summer months. Preferring full sun to thrive, this tall hedge will also grow in partial shade. Needing a lot of water, this tall hedge is hardy in zones two through nine.

A third common tall hedge is the Siberian peashrub. This tall hedge will grow to a height of ten to fifteen feet and have a mature spread of eight to twelve feet.

This tall hedge will also adapt to exposed, cold, dry and other difficult sites.

The showy pea-like flowers will appear in May. This tall hedge is hardy in zones two through seven.

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