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Silky Dogwood


The Silky Dogwood is a shrub Dogwood that has a strongly multi-stemmed growth habit and is always found in nature as a shrub, rather than a tree.

The vigorous growth of Silky Dogwood is optimized in moist to wet sites, but it adapts readily to dry soil conditions in fields and fence lines as well.

The Silky Dogwood displays colorful summer fruits which is its best ornamental and wildlife asset.

Its thin twigs of winter cast a reddish-purple hue to the landscape.

The Silky Dogwood grows to 10 feet tall and 10 feet wide under optimum conditions as a single specimen, although suckering may add to its width over time.

Silky Dogwood prefers moist to wet sites in soils of various composition.

It adapts to dry soils, poor soils, or soils that are wet in winter and spring, and dry in summer and autumn. The Silky Dogwood is found in zones 4 to 8, and prospers in full sun to partial shade.

The mid-spring perfect flowers of Silky Dogwood are flat-topped and white but without the large, showy bracts that are characteristic of Flowering Dogwood.

The Silky Dogwood exhibits blue-black fruits that mature in mid-summer. The fruits produced by the Silky Dogwood are quickly consumed by birds, squirrels, and other woodland inhabitants.


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