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Shade Hedges


Shade hedges provide greenery in areas of the garden that would not normally allow for plant growth. There are shade hedges that will grow in full shade, and require little pruning.

Shade hedges come in many different styles and sizes. Shade hedges can be grown along side a building or fence that blocks the sun for most of the day.

One of the most common types of shade hedges is the boxwood. These shade hedges can be grown in areas of full sun to full shade, and are widely adaptable to different soil types.

The dense foliage of these shade hedges gives the impression of a continuous surface, and will be present year round.

These evergreen shade hedges are hardy in zones five through eight.

Another of the popular shade hedges is the red twigged dogwood. These shade hedges have burgundy colored bark in the winter.

Blue-black fruits follow the creamy white blooms of these shade hedges. Birds and small animals eat the fruits.

Growing to a mature height of eight to ten feet, these shade hedges need a good water regiment and are hardy in zones three through seven.



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