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Shade Ground Cover


Shade loving ground covers are very useful and desired plants. Shade ground covers will grow in areas that are not inhabitable by normal grass, which needs sun to grow.

There are many types of shade ground covers, and each serves additional purposes to the garden. Some shade ground covers have beautiful blooms, while others grow rapidly and will easily cover a large area in a short amount of time.

One of the most popular shade loving ground covers around is the Houttuynia Chameleon Plant. This shade ground cover has small white blooms that appear from July to August, but is more widely known for its beautiful foliage.

The leaves of this shade ground cover are boldly variegated with colors of red, white, pink, yellow and green. The Chameleon Plant requires light shade and consistently moist soil in order to thrive.

Another popular shade loving ground cover is the Periwinkle. This shade ground cover features evergreen leaves and tubular lavender blue flowers that appear in the spring and will continue to bloom until fall.

This shade ground cover is easy to grow in average, dry to medium wet soil that is well drained.

While the Periwinkle will easily tolerate full shade, it will prefer part shade to grow best.

Another good shade loving ground cover is the Virginia creeper. The Virginia creeper is actually a vine, but works excellently as a maintenance free shade ground cover.

It will spread rapidly and cover large areas, and will even cover walls and fences.

This shade ground cover is highly intrusive, and must be manages with great care to ensure that no damage is done to the garden.

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