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Sedge Grass


   Sedge grass is a very appealing, low growing, clumping, grass-like plant that adds color to the garden. Unlike many other grasses, the sedge grass plant can thrive in wet places like swamps and poorly drained areas. Sedge grasses have solid triangular stems, which may allow for easier identification.

   There are about 2000 species of grass-like perennial herbs in the sedge grass family. They are found worldwide, but they are most common in temperate and cold regions. Sedges can be distinguished from grasses by their solid, 3-angled flower stems (grasses have round, hollow flower stems). Most species of sedge grass form a dense, compact clump.

   The sedge grass is in a group of sedges that are grown for decoration. Sedges can grow in sun or partial shade. Many grow naturally in water, though most will grow well in moist, well-drained, somewhat fertile soil. These perennials are found in tropical and temperate countries. 

   Sedge grass varieties such as C. hachijoensis var. Evergold forms thick tufts of grass-like, dark green leaves that are striped with yellow. The tiny, dark brown flowers are produced in small clusters terminating sturdy stems, in mid-to late spring. This plant grows up to a foot high and spreads 14 inches. Another sedge grass, C. elata var.

   Aurea, Bowles' Golden Sedge, is a pretty plant consisting of linear, golden yellow leaves and small clusters of minute dark brown flowers in the spring and early summer. This plant grows up to 16 inches high and spreads 6 to 8 inches. Look to a garden center or sedge grass website to find the sedge grass that fits your decorative application.

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