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Salvia Microphylla


   Salvia microphylla, commonly referred to as ‘baby sage,’ is a lovely perennial with bright pink blooms. The salvia microphylla does not get as woody as some other species of salvia. This salvia requires full to partial sun to grow. Once established, a salvia microphylla will need little to no water in order to thrive.

   Growing well in zones seven through eleven, the salvia microphylla is a good plant for deer prevention. It is possible to cut this plant way back, nearly to the ground and not hurt it at all. The salvia microphylla propagates best by seeds, and originated in Chihuahua, Mexico.

  Salvia microphylla grow as a compact upright plant, then spread reaching as much as twenty-five inches tall and four to six feet wide. The leaves are a glossy blue green and have a musky fragrance. The flowers are a bold pink, and have a slight bluish hue to them. This salvia, like many others, is very attractive to hummingbirds.

   Pruning the salvia microphylla should be saved until the end of winter. After the last frost, the plant should be cut back, encouraging new growth. The salvia microphylla will bloom from early summer, and retain the color until the first frost of the winter season. The salvia microphylla will continue to grow in the garden, with or without much care given.

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