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Salvia Greggii


   Salvia greggii, also called red Chihuahuan sage, is native to the Chihuahuan desert. The salvia greggii is a rounded irregular shrub or perennial. The salvia greggii is evergreen in the hot desert of Arizona, but is primarily an annual elsewhere. This plant can grow to three feet and has an equal spread.

   Salvia greggii have a large variation of leaves. Most of the salvia greggii feature simple, elliptical leaves that are usually one inch in length. The flowers of the salvia greggii are on stem terminals, and feature spikes of trumpet shaped flowers, one inch in length, that are generally red. The blooms are seen intermittently from February through November.

  The salvia greggii prefer full sun, as the plant will get leggy and lose flower production in the shade. The plant is fairly drought resistant, and should be watered one or two times weekly during the summer season to provide the best ornamental quality. The salvia greggii is fairly tolerant to most types of soil, and should be provided with good drainage. Propagation is best done with vegetative cuttings, but can also be done using seeds.

   The salvia greggii is a very low maintenance plant. Pruning should be done drastically, in order to encourage lush growth and good flowering. Many cultivars are available of the salvia greggii, and the flowers colors range from white to pink to various shades of red. Being so beautiful and easy to take care of, the salvia greggii is one plant that every garden needs.

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