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Salvia Discolor


   The salvia discolor is a very interesting plant. The leaves of this salvia are a dark, bold green on the top and velvety silver on the bottom. This difference in color is what gives the salvia discolor its name. Hardy in zones nine and ten, the salvia discolor will grow to a height of three feet.

   The salvia discolor is a primarily ornamental salvia, with fragrant foliage and dark, nearly black flowers. Like all salvia, the salvia discolor will require full to partial sun, and requires almost no water once it has been established in a region. Originally from Peru, the salvia will actually rot off and die if too much water is given.

  The stems of the salvia discolor are very sticky, and this should be understood when deciding on a location to plant. The sticky substance on the stem will get stuck to clothing and is hard to wash out, so planning away from an often-used pathway is important. This will also help to keep the sometimes brittle stems from breaking off.

   Great for its cut flowers, the salvia discolor will add a pleasant look to any garden. The silvery green foliage looks excellent in contrast to foliage that is much greener and dark. The dark flowers work well and stand out much better when given a lighter background to work on.

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