Royal Red Butterfly Bush


   One of the most commonly requested butterfly bushes is the royal red. The royal red butterfly bush, instead      of red as one would expect, has brilliant violet flowers that bloom from mid-summer.

   The royal red butterfly bush is hardy in zones five through nine, and is widely adaptable as far as soil goes.

   The royal red butterfly bush prefers full sun to grow, and must receive eight or more hours of direct sunlight      per day in order to thrive. Once established, a royal red butterfly bush will live off water that is applied as        infrequently as once a month.

   In colder regions, the tops of a royal red butterfly bush will die, and should      be cut back to the ground.

   The following year, a royal red butterfly bush will sprout up and be even          larger and more beautiful.

   Royal red butterfly bushes can reach a height of up to seven feet.

   The blooms of a royal red butterfly bush are very fragrant, and attractive        to butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.

   This vigorous, dense shrub will add structure and grace to a perennial            border. The gray-green foliage of the royal red butterfly bush contrasts          perfectly with the bright blooms.

   A royal red butterfly bush should be pruned hard in the spring before new        growth appears. Flowers that have finished their blooming process should        be removed to promote new blooms.

   The royal red butterfly bush is considered drought tolerant once                    established, and makes the perfect addition to any perennial garden.

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