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Rose Ground Cover


Rose groundcovers are very useful to any garden. They not only serve all the purposes of a ground cover, but also add lovely fragrant blooms to a garden.

The colors that the flowering blooms range from are white to deep red and yellow or purple. The blooms often flower all summer long, giving grace and style to the garden all season.

In addition to being a ground cover, many rose ground covers also have tough thorns.

A big problem in gardens is that of rabbits and other small creatures, which eat the foliage. The thorns of the rose groundcover will help to prevent this from happening.

Rose ground covers come in many different styles and bloom colors. Some rose ground covers are like tiny bushes, while others are more similar to vines and creepers.

Rose ground covers propagate differently, depending on the species. Some of them spread rapidly, others need more human intervention to assist in covering the desired area.

Wherever a garden is, rose ground covers will help in more ways than one.

Soil erosion, unattractive gaps and plant eating pests are all problems that rose groundcovers hand by themselves.

Add to this the beauty and fragrance given off by many of the rose ground covers, and it is clear to see that no garden is complete without a rose ground cover.


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