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Rooting Forsythia


Rooting forsythia would begin with a hardwood cutting made from a plant while it is dormant or after it has completed its annual growth and the wood has had time to become hardened.

Traditionally, hardwood cuttings are made in December, January, and February. For the task of rooting forsythia, cuttings should be from tip growth, about 4 to 6 inches long with four to six buds per cutting.

Hardwood cuttings take much longer than softwood cuttings to root; however, hardwood cuttings are easier to handle and are less perishable. Place the cuttings in an outdoor propagation box or directly outdoors in a well-drained soil. Stick cuttings deep, for rooting forsythia, leaving only the top 4 inches exposed.

Another simple way for rooting forsythia is to wait until the forsythia flowers and cut off the canes with the faded blooms.

Place the pruned stalks into a hole you’ve made with a posthole digger. Fill in the hole with topsoil and water in well. New root growth should begin rather quickly.

Rooting forsythia may be done anytime throughout the year, but that is only true if you are working with an indoor propagation facility.

Rooting forsythia the easiest way may be to do it right in the garden.

Dipping the ends of the cuttings in rooting hormone may increase the success of rooting forsythia. After placing the cuttings in the soil, do not let the soil dry out. It is beneficial to root growth if organic matter is added to the planting hole.

Place mulch around newly set plants to conserve moisture and to help keep weeds and grasses out.

Rooting forsythia is not a success until the cuttings are transplanted to their desired locations. Wait long enough for good root development on the rooted cuttings before transplanting.

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