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Red Sunset Maple Tree

The red sunset maple tree is a deciduous tree that will often grow to between forty and sixty feet tall. The crown of a red sunset maple tree is rounded to oval in shape. In northern sates, red maple trees usually occur in deciduous forests or in low plains. In the southern states, they usually occur naturally in drier, higher areas.

The leaves of a red sunset maple tree are shiny green on top and pale green beneath in the spring and summer seasons. They typically have three to five lobes, and are up to six inches in diameter. The flowers are small and red, appearing in dense clusters during mid spring. Red fruit replaces the flowers in mid summer. Red sunset maple trees also have reddish stems and twigs, which provide a good deal of winter interest once all the foliage has fallen.

Red sunset maple trees are relatively fast growers, and can grow up to two feet per year until maximum height has been reached. The sap of a red sunset maple tree can be used to make sugar, but this is of a lesser quality than that made by sugar maple trees. In the fall, the foliage of red sunset maple trees turns a beautiful crimson orange, and is one of the most beautiful trees during this time.

Red sunset maple trees prefer full sun, but will also grow in full shade. They are widely adaptable in the soils in which they grow. Hardy in zones three through eight, they make excellent additions to any landscape or home garden. Red sunset maple trees are highly ornamental, especially during the flowering period and in the fall months, but have lovely color year round.

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