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Red Salvia


   Red salvia are some of the most common salvias grown in the wild. There are several different types of red salvia, and the blooms have varying shades from pink to deep purple. Many of the red salvia are not hardy in zones that frost over in the winter, and should be considered annuals in these regions. There are, however, some red salvia that do perform as perennials in zones as cold as four.

   One of the red salvias that will act as a perennial in colder zones is the salvia splendens. This red salvia is also known as St. John’s Fire or scarlet sage. The salvia splendens will grow to a height of about twelve inches. This red salvia is an early flowering perennial, yet it is often grown as an annual. The tubular flowers of this red salvia bloom from late spring to autumn.

   A second common red salvia is the salvia greggii. This red salvia is also called Chihuahuan sage, as it is local to the Chihuahuan desert. The salvia greggii is an evergreen in the hot deserts of Arizona, but grows as a perennial most other places. This red salvia will grow to a height of three feet and has an equal mature spread.

   There are many, many types of red salvia, and they can be used in a variety of applications. Most red salvia will grow well indoors as a potted plant. The smaller varieties of red salvia will make excellent border plants, while the larger breeds make excellent focal points or centerpieces for a garden. No matter what the application, there is a red salvia that can get the job done.

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