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Purple Iris


   Very few flowers are more beautiful than when a deep purple iris is in bloom. An iris can come in many shades of purple. There are purple iris flowers that nearly blue, just as there are purple blooms so dark that they seem nearly black. Several of the different purple iris flowers are also multicolored, and many have contrasting yellow accents.

   One of the most striking purple iris blooms is the ‘Black Gamecock.’ This dark flower has blooms that are a bright, showy purple in the center and then fade to nearly black on the edges. The blooms are four inches in diameter, and have a band of yellow, which adds a great contrast to the dark edges. This purple iris has a height of up to five feet and a mature spread of eighteen to twenty-four inches. Blooming from spring into summer, this purple iris is hardy in zones three through nine.

   Another popular purple iris is the ‘Caesars Brother.’ While some of the cultivars are actually true blue, most are darker purples. The leaves of this purple iris have a bluish-green color to them, making it stand out nicely in a garden full of lush green foliage. This purple iris also blooms from late spring on into summer. One of the easiest purple iris plants to grow, it is also hardy in zones three through nine.

   Another lovely purple iris is the ‘Crowned Heads’ iris. This tall, bearded purple iris has deep bluish-purple standards, and bluish-white falls. Growing to thirty-eight inches in height, this purple iris was a medal winner in 2004, 2003, 2001, and 1999. The flowers are incredibly large and the stems are tough and sturdy. The ruffled form of the petals makes a wonderful impression, especially with the color contrast.

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