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Privacy Hedge


Privacy hedges are perfect for blocking out unattractive views, or to add privacy. While any plant will work as a hedge, the choice for privacy hedges is much more limited.

A plant used for a privacy hedge should have dense foliage, and grow to at lease six feet tall. Privacy hedges can also be formal or unpruned.

One common type of privacy hedge is the common purple lilac. This privacy hedge will reach a height of eight to ten feet and have an equal mature spread.

The attractive flowers will grow in clusters and have one of the most powerful fragrances emitted by a plant. This privacy hedge is very popular because it thrives in areas that have a good deal of winter frost. The lilac is hardy in zones three through seven.

A second popular privacy hedge is the Siberian peashrub. This privacy hedge is well adapted to exposed, cold, dry and other sites that are typically difficult to grow.

This deciduous privacy hedge will reach a mature height of ten to fifteen feet and a mature spread of eight to twelve feet. One of the hardiest of privacy hedges, they will grow well in zones two through seven.

Privacy hedges can be worked into any garden or landscape. Fences and other manmade barriers are very unattractive and will often need to be replaced before a privacy hedge would.

Privacy hedges, once established, are easy to maintain and make a better windbreak than fences do.

A privacy hedge, when properly cared for, will provide years of protection from prying eyes.


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