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Pink Perennials


   Pink perennials come in a variety of sizes, shapes and shades. When adding color to a garden, the use of pink perennials is almost always included in the plan. One common pink perennial is the clematis ‘carnaby’ hybrid. This flowering perennial has pink flowers with a rich red bar down the middle of each petal.

   Another common pink perennial is the dianthus ‘firewitch.’ This bright pink flower can be extremely lacy and fringed at times. It grows up to about six inches in height and six to eight inches in width. The small, bush-like plant is covered in small, bold blooms from midsummer to early fall.

   Another of the pink perennials is the pink geranium. The bloom is a rich magenta pink and flowers from June to August. The foliage is a beautiful dark green and the plant will grow to just over a foot high and as much as two feet wide. If a repeat bloom time in the fall is desired, this pink perennial will need to be cut back in early summer.

   Pink perennials will add a splash of color to any garden. There are so many styles of pink perennials, from single blooms to bushes covered in bright pink flowers; every garden can work them in somewhere color is needed.

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