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Pink Honeysuckle


   There are many different colors to the blooms of honeysuckle plants. They can range from white to pink, yellow to crimson. Many of the colors will also change as the summer progresses. One of the most commonly requested colors of honeysuckle blooms is the pink honeysuckle. These pink blooms on the end of long stems give a lovely color to any garden from springtime through summer, often into autumn as well.

   One of the most common of the pink honeysuckle blooms is the Pink Tatarian. Originating in southern Russia, this pink honeysuckle is a tolerant, reliable shrub with good flowering habits. The blooms from mid-spring, and the flowers will last often into mid autumn. The blooms of this pink honeysuckle are complemented by red, orange or yellow fruit that matures during the summer. Hardy to zones three through eight, this pink honeysuckle will grow to a height of ten to twelve feet, making it a lovely privacy screen.

   Another lovely pink honeysuckle is the ‘Pam’s Pink’ honeysuckle. This semi-evergreen pink honeysuckle is a twining vine. This bluish green foliage makes an excellent contrast to the pink blooms and deep crimson stems. The blooms of this pink honeysuckle appear in mid spring, and continue to flower sporadically during the rest of the growing season. The blooms are not as fragrant as many other cultivars of honeysuckle, but the growth habit is also not as intrusive. Hardy to zones five through seven, this pink honeysuckle is tolerable of many different conditions, including heat, drought and salt.

   A third common pink honeysuckle is the pink honeysuckle vine. This plant, though it is more of a vine than a shrub, does tend to grow in a clump close to the ground unless it is given a trellis or fence to climb. This pink honeysuckle is very fragrant and attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Hardy through zone five, these pink honeysuckle plants are very easy to grow in any home garden.

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